Live Healthy from Farm to City

Building on over 40 years of history in your community to usher in a new era

For over four decades, our family of brands has built strong, healthy relationships with consumers, producers, butchers, our retail store communities, and wholesale partners who have an interest in leaving our grandchildren with a regenerated planet, stronger communities and thriving food systems.

We envision a world where families and communities are able to live peaceful lives with security and abundance. This means having access to adequate nutrition, tasty food and clean water, education and good health while leading balanced lives with time for family, friends and community as well as leisure time for cultural and spiritual pursuits. All of this must be insured for many generations to come by creating a foundation of regenerating soils and biologically diverse ecosystems on earth’s land and in her rivers, lakes, and oceans.

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Our Family of Brands

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VG Meats is a fourth generation family business located in the heart of Norfolk County, Ontario. Our beef, poultry and pork products have been served on dinner tables across southern Ontario for over 40 years.
At Rowe Farms, our approach to eating is simple. We believe the best approach to healthy eating is to consume sustainably-raised, locally grown, minimally processed, organic foods.
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A real butcher shop since 1975, Olliffe has always worked directly with farmer and producers and is committed to supplying our customers and some of the city’s top chefs with the very best meat.
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As a Savory-accredited Hub Candidate, we teach holistic management to local farmers and ranchers. We also offer services to verify the outcomes of land regeneration.

Free E-Book: Sustainability Isn't Sustainable

Why we need to think bigger, aim higher and build a better future for our families, community and environment.


What’s Included in This Free E-Book?

  1. What is Regeneration?
  2. What Are Regenerative Outcomes?
  3. How Do We Know if a Practice is Leading to Regenerative Outcomes?
  4. How Can Meat be Regenerative?

Free E-Book: 5 Reasons To Add Custom Grinds To Your Menu

Custom grinds are a great bonus on your menu…and they’re good for your margins.


What’s Included in This Free E-Book?

  1. Improved Quality with Unique Blends
  2. Save Costs with the Right Blend
  3. Improved Supply and Logistics
  4. Greater Opportunities with Custom Grinds
  5. Opportunities to Streamline – One Product, Multiple Dishes

Free E-Book: Adding Margin Monsters To Your Menu

A winning dish will be delicious, popular with customers AND make you a nice, tidy profit each time it’s ordered.

What’s Included in This Free E-Book?

  1. Requirements for an Item to Be a Winner
  2. VG Meats Recommendations for Margin Monsters
  3. VG Meats Recommendations for Margin Monsters
  4. And more!

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