3 delicious Family Day meal ideas from VG Meats

Feb 16, 2023

Family Day weekend is almost here and we’re looking forward to a few things: quality time with our loved ones, an extra-long weekend and (you guessed it!) some delicious, home-cooked meals. We hope you have similar plans!

VG Meats will be open in Simcoe and Stoney Creek this Saturday but closed on Sunday and Monday. Remember, you can shop online anytime you want at VGFarmToCity.ca! We offer FREE local delivery on qualifying orders. Here are some meal ideas to help you plan your weekend. Thanks for reading and happy Family Day!

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is one of those dishes that just about everyone loves—but you probably don’t cook it at home very often because of the time involved. A long weekend is the perfect reason to spend some time preparing this elegant, satisfying dish for your family. Here’s a great recipe from The Food Network. If you enjoy a nice glass of wine, pair your Beef Wellington with a great red. And if you’re having dessert, go with something light and fresh-tasting like a scoop of lemon sorbet or some fresh berries topped with whipped cream.

A classic roast chicken dinner

Very few meals say “family dinner” like a classic roast chicken with vegetables and fresh dinner rolls on the side. Here’s a great roast chicken recipe from the legendary Julia Child (via Food and Wine Magazine). We recommend pairing this with some creamy mashed potatoes, your favourite green beans (here’s a recipe to try) and some roasted vegetables like this recipe for carrots and parsnips. Don’t forget the dinner rolls! If you’re having dessert with this meal, consider a classic ice cream sundae, a fruit crumble or a delicious pie.

Roasted pork with vegetables

A slow-roasted dinner is always worth the wait, and pork is a great choice for your Family Day meal. Jamie Oliver has a great recipe for roasted pork with irresistibly crispy skin—yum! Pair it with some garlicky greensroasted potatoes, fresh dinner rolls and a great salad. Dessert can be homemade cookies or some butter tarts from a local bakery.

Thanks as always for reading our blog and for supporting our family-owned and operated business. We’re glad you love regenerative food as much as we do, and we hope you have a wonderful Family Day weekend!