About Us

Living Healthy from Farm to City

Our Mission

For over 40 years our family of brands has been building relationships with consumers, producers, butchers, our retail store communities, and wholesale partners who have an interest, or curiosity, in leaving our grandchildren with a regenerated planet, stronger communities and healthier food systems.

We see a world where healthy communities and families are free to live peaceful lives in abundant security, with adequate nutritious, tasty food and clean water, enjoying good education and health in balanced lives with time for family, friends, community and leisure for cultural and spiritual pursuits, all to be insured for many generations to come on a foundation of regenerating soils and biologically diverse ecosystems on earth’s land and in her rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Mother and child walking through regenerative farm field

Our mission as your partner, your mentor, your farmer, your food network hub, and your butcher, is to steward our collective effort to bring this world-view to life.

Our Values

  • We believe our ability to see ourselves and our choices as the best and only force for good is our grandchildren’s best hope for clean water on your favourite lake in July.
  • We work on our land with farming families and land managers to raise meats that contribute to regenerative outcomes.
  • We provide healthy food that is increasingly being grown in a way that leads to regenerative outcomes.
  • Ecologically speaking, effective ecosystem processes the water cycle, mineral cycle, community dynamics, and energy flow are always on our minds.
  • Socially, we want to provide fulfilling, meaningful work that contributes to our teams’ balance and health. Providing animal welfare is good for the animal and those that care for them.
  • Economically, we pay premiums to our farmers for the tastiest meats and produce in a less wasteful way so that you can find great value and can thrive to include more farmers and eaters in what we do.

Our Behaviours

We strive to create healthy conditions within our teams so that our entire ecosystem can thrive. Showing mutual respect to each other enables an environment that regenerates our health and potential. We cannot proactively seek the truth and be solutions-oriented without embracing the discipline it takes to be transparent, humble and with the mutual respect everyone deserves.


Anticipating situations instead of being reactive


Focusing on ways to work through problems together

Mutual Respect

Honoring one another and behaving in a way that lifts
people up


Awareness of putting others above self


Working in a way that you and others can be proud of

Transparent communication

Having conversations with others that need to take place


Grounding yourself in what is real about the situation not just how it affects you

Our Partners

Harvest to Gather Fundraisers

Our first meat fundraiser took place in 2017 and since then, we’ve helped raise thousands of dollars for local schools, clubs and sports teams.