3 Tips For Adding Grinds To Your Menu

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Custom Grinds Are a Great Bonus on Your Menu…and They’re Good for Your Margins

Custom-blended grinds can add interest to your menu while creating opportunity for higher sales and lower food costs. This differentiation can also provide a unique culinary experience for consumers and increased credibility for your establishment. Get creative and save money – we’ll show you how!

To find or develop the perfect blend, take time to consider the attributes that make your establishment unique. Think about what’s important to you, and identify opportunities to streamline your back of the house. We hope this eBook leads you to the perfect grind blend for your kitchen – and if you still have questions, just let us know!

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  1. Finding a Blend That Fits Your Brand
  2. Finding a Blend That Fits Your Requirements
  3. Opportunities to Streamline

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