Adding Margin Monsters To Your Menu

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On every menu, there are some winners and some losers.

We’re not talking about taste – we know you’ve got that covered – but we do have some thoughts about profit margins. A winning dish will be delicious, popular with customers AND make you a nice, tidy profit each time it’s ordered.

We hope you have mostly winners on your menu – but even if this is the case, some dishes offer a better return than others. Know this, there is an opportunity to adjust your menu by removing a low-margin dish and replacing it with a prospective winner. The challenge is knowing a winner from a loser when you create it.

You might see or hear about an item that is on trend and gaining traction in the market. You might be inspired by a meal your grandmother makes you. You might even hear about an opportunity to buy something unique from a supplier and be inspired to make something that showcases that ingredient.

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  1. Requirements for an Item to Be a Winner
  2. VG Meats Recommendations for Margin Monsters

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